Get a Second Chance Checking Account is a resource to help people find a new bank account while they are on the Chexsystems List. If you are having trouble opening a bank account, then you have come to the right place. Browse through the largest list of banks to find a local bank in your area that offers a checking account for people who need a second chance.

Our directory of banks makes it easier for people to help each other out. We have designed a voting system that allows people who have been in your same situation notify us whether or not a certain bank has a second chance checking account program. You can locate the city where you live, and see a list of all the banks in your local area to find a new checking account. Our system makes it easy for people to help each other out when they find a new bank that lets people on Chexsystems open new accounts.

If you have been lucky enough to stumble into a new bank that offers second chance checking, please locate it in our local directory to mark the bank as chexsystems friendly.